The Kolios Project is a clear example of how one can use the internet in a helpful and positive way. Everything started with Ryan Denzer-King, a guitarist from the United States who was unsuccessful in finding musicians in his area who were capable of bringing his ideas to life. So he decided to try classifieds on the internet, in order to who, among those interested, had the equipment to collaborate over the distance and record their own parts. They were united with Manfred Dikkers on drums, Matteo Borselli on keys (an Italian musician which some of us remember for his work with Anthelion), and starting in 2006 Pablo Carrasocsa on bass. The demo, at odds with its title, was finished in February 2006, and is the group's second. Various guest artists have contributed their own parts to several songs, among those best known are Alan Goldstein and Santiago Dobles from Aghora, and Tymon Kruidenier from Exivious.

The demo contains 4 songs that are mostly instrumental, with the exception of one section using samples. The music is a cross between fusion and prog metal, the main references being to Gordian Knot and Aghora, but there are other influences including riffs reminiscent of Meshuggah. This is just to give a general idea; the Kolios Project manage to have their own personality well for working at a distance.

The lion's share of the demo is taken up by the guitar and keyboards, bass and drums remain in the background. Both Ryan and Matteo give proof of being able to manoeuver through various styles, and of having found an understanding of each other. The melodies and arrangments of both their instruments are of a pretty high level. The only thing that doesn't completely convince me are the heaviest parts: these extreme riffs don't have the same inspiration as the rest of the material, especially the most atmospheric parts. But this is just one reproach. Also noteworthy is the variety of sounds used, specifically in the keyboard parts: I think Matteo has dedicated a lot of attention to this part.

The production is good, considering how the demo was assembled. It must be said that the rhythm section suffers a little in the mix. The sounds of the keyboards and guitar are very good, except for a few cases where the distorted guitar loses definition. I don't know how the packaging of the demo is, I have in my hand a promotional CD-R. On the site one finds a blanket of colors, which I assume comes with it.

In conclusion, we have discussed a noteworthy demo. It is not exempt from defects (the more metal parts are not up to the level of the more fusion parts), but the level of the songs is very high, and when one considers how they were realized, I would like to see someone do better. If you like a combination of metal/fusion then go right now to the band's site and listen to the downloadable material, you won't be disappointed.

Translated from by Ryan Denzer-King