Demo 2005 Reviews

"Citing influences ranging from Gordian Knot, Cynic, Meshuggah, Pain of Salvation, and Dream Theater to Banco, PFM, and Camel, King ventures into articulate and atmospheric prog metal with great professionalism and inventiveness."

"Like bands such as Gordian Knot or At War With Self main man Ryan Denzer-King paints with aural waves to construct intricate networks of enrapturing musical voyages."
-- Archaic Magazine

"While Denzer-King can get insanely technical in spots, it's his understanding of intensive atmospheres and gorgeous legato playing that characterizes much of the songs."
-- Sea of Tranquillity

"...very articulate, not relying strictly on riffs alone, but nice arrangements that include atmosphere as well."
-- Proggnosis

"Imagine a combination of Psychotic Waltz, Darkstar, Gordian Knot, Aghora and Cynic and you will get a picture of the sound of The Kolios Project."
-- Metal Perspective

"There is . . . variety here, with 'Floating' featuring some tasteful keyboard accompaniment, and 'The Imponderable Land' switching pleasantly between softer acoustic sections and heavy bass driven riffs. . . . The final track, 'Black sail' has the basis for a good prog metal epic."
-- Bob McBeath,

"In their own voice, and in a musical niche like that of Gordian Knot and Cortland, The Kolios Project take their influence for these instrumental tracks absolutely based on fusion and prog metal."

"This demo is the crossroad where intrinsic songwriting and genuine experimentation meet."
-- Metal Legacy

". . . A certain deep complexity emerges from the profusion of ideas in their songwriting. . . ."
-- Silent Scream



Power Play Records


Archaic Magazine

Metal Perspective

Demo 2003 Reviews

"Guitarist and main-man Ryan Denzer-King is clearly a competent musician, and those who join him on either a temporary or permanent basis are also evidently capable too."
-- Bob McBeath,