An instrumental project born in 2002 of Nashville guitarist-pianist Ryan Denzer-King and developing from a duo to a quartet recruiting musicians from various band forums on the internet, including "our own" Matteo Borselli (Anthelion) and the amicable collaboration of Alan Goldstein, Santiago Dobles (Aghora), and Tommy Kruidenier (guitarist of Exivious). Citing influences ranging from Gordian Knot, Cynic, Meshuggah, Pain of Salvation, and Dream Theater to Banco, PFM, and Camel, King ventures into articulate and atmospheric prog metal with great professionalism and inventiveness, finding the right space for each instrument (each guest recorded his own part based on the solo guitar work of King, who mixed everything together) and developing many ideas while showing great restraint in the absence of an able vocalist like Daniel Gildenlow to give voice to such a vast collection of musical and emotional samples which transforms these four tracks into a sort of long suite in which the tempo changes succeed each other without pause (the brief vocal part contains samples including the maxim of Hemingway cited by Morgan Freeman at the end of "Seven"). Denzer-King is certainly a versatile artist and composer (he also plays with the jazz prog band Oneiros) who has the potential to cut himself a space all his own inside the sought-after prog outside of usual lines, all that's left is to see which label has the courage to give him their full confidence.

Translated from by Ryan Denzer-King