Barikada Review

"Demo 2005"
(Self-released) 2006. EP CD
Instrumental progressive metal / rock - USA

The Kolios Project is (band) formed by the guitarist and author Ryan Denzer - King, also, member of the band Oneiros. His primary intention was to follow his musical ideas. Given that he had difficulties to find member good enough to satisfy his standards, he found appropriate members thanks to the Internet. He had "correspondence" with future band members, finding sound which will characterise their music. Everything started on 2002, and next year was released "Demo 2003".

During February 2006, Ryan released new Demo, preparing terrain for full-length which would eventually be interesting to the bigger releasing companies, too. "Demo 2005" has 4 songs which are representing them as progressive metal / rock band, equally under influences of 80-ties and 90-ties. Several guests participated to some songs. This instrumental progressive approach is completed with some fusion details, what reminds me on early Mahavishnu Orchestra work. Some influences are seen by the Dream Theatre, Gordian Knot and Aghora. "Demo 2005" has big potential and is giving to the band big chances in sense of the better future.

Points: 8 / 10

Translated from Barikada by Dragutin Matosevic